Fire RID

Fire RID is an automatic fire extinguisher which activates and extinguishes fire when the solution reaches the temperature of 84 °C

Fire RID +

Classical sprinkler systems fire extinguishers are very expensive, demands regular maintenance and makes extensive collateral damages.

Fire RID Spray

Fire RID spray for extinguishing of minor and initial fires, whatever their cause

Fire RID Mar – I

Liquid Mar 1 is water additive firefighting agent and eco-retardant, specially designed for A, B, C and F fire classes, mainly for professional use.

Fire RID Mar – II

Liquid Mar 2 is water additive fire-fighting agent and eco-retardant, specially designed for structural, forest, wild land and other class A fires.

Fire RID Hand Grenade

Most fires can be stopped if reaction to fire is fast enough, which means, in the initial stage of fire.