Fire RID+

Key Features

  • Easy to place and access.
  • Reliable automatic activation.
  • Safe to use
  • Great extinguishing power and wide scope of operation
  • No collateral damages
  • Eco-friend product
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Fire RID+

Fire Rid+ is an automatic fire extinguisher, specially developed as part of the fire protection system of professional network electrical equipment - transformers, coils, electric motors and other devices, but also for the protection of IT servers and other sensitive IT equipment, without collateral damage. It is also used in manufacturing plants for the protection of electric motor equipment and electronic control units. Fire Rid+ activates and extinguishes fire when the liquid inside it reaches a temperature of 84 oC. The glass ampoule explodes and the spray solution immediately extinguishes the fire and removes smoke from the space, with virtually no collateral damage. Fire Rid+ fluid is retained on extinguished surfaces as a coating that prevents re-ignition.

Fire Rid+ is for indoor use only and is suitable for extinguishing Class A, B, C and F fires and electrical appliances. The warranty is 10 years (maintenance free), and the product bears the Green Leaf mark of the German Intertek, reserved only for high-end eco-friendly products.

Technical data:

  • Classes of fire A, B, C, F and electrical devices
  • Protected area: up to 16 m³ enclosed space per unit depending of fire protection demands
  • Operating temp: 84 °C
  • Storage temp: ‐20 °C to 70 °C
  • Volume: 580 ml active solution
  • Material: glass (ampoule), tin (holder)
  • Product Shelf Life : 10 Year