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Fire RID- Automatic Fire Extinguisher

Fire Rid is an innovative self-activating fire extinguishing technology. Revolutionary in both design as well as in the working principles. It comes in the form of a glass cylinder filled with a chemical solution that activates automatically at elevated temperatures in case of fire.

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Fire RID + Automatic Fire Extinguisher

Fire RID + is an automatic fire extinguisher, especially developers as a part of a fire protection system for professional electrical equipment, like transformers, coils, electric motors, and other devices. but can also protect IT services and other sensitive IT equipment without collateral damages. It can also be used in manufacturing plants to protect machines with electric motors and electronic control units.

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Fire Delete

Did you know that 99% of all fires can be stopped if reaction comes in first three minutes after the outbreak of fire? Fire Delete fire extinguishing spray is an ideal tool for this purpose. In an aluminium bottle of hairspray size is compressed one of the strongest extinguishing agents of a modern world.

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Mar 1 Firefighting Liquid Agent

It is water additive fire fighting agent and eco-retardant.

It contain specially formulated chemicals, which, when applied to the burning liquid, cools & emulsifies the oil, extinguish the flame, sealing the surface and prevent re-ignition!

It is mainly for professional use.

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Mar 2 Firefighting Liquid Agent

Mar 2 is a water additive fire-fighting agent and Eco-retardant, specially designed for structural, forest, wild-land and other class A fires.

When added to water in proper quantities, Mar 2 water additive suppresses, cools, mitigates fire and vapors, and provides insulating properties for fuels exposed to radiant heat or direct flame impingement.

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